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Music lessons

Teaching beginner, intermediate, and advanced violin and viola in classical, jazz, pop, rock, and blues styles

*Teaching beginner piano, guitar, music theory, ear training and musicianship

*Teaching since high school

*Equally comfortable teaching students of ALL ages and levels

*Experience teaching to children with special needs

*Currently faculty member at Crescendo Young Musicians Guild, Cornerstone Music Conservatory, Agoura Music, and Royal Music Academy.

*Highly personalized teaching method, guaranteeing engagement and challenge

*Comfortable in multiple musical styles, from improvising on jazz tunes to rocking out on electric violin and pedalboards and freelancing with local orchestras

*Lessons are tailored to fit your needs and interests

*Master of Music degree with distinction from DePaul University and Bachelor of Music from Queens College of the City University of New York.

*Has taught in schools and privately in New York, Chicago, and Rio de Janeiro prior to Los Angeles.

*Won prizes in competitions around the world and performed extensively in the US and Europe.


As soon as I start with a student, I find out how they learn best. I also determine what exact level they are in and what their needs are at that moment, along with their interests. From there we can both discuss pieces and exercises that will make practicing effective, fun, and successful.


I like starting students out (especially younger ones) with the Suzuki method, as I strongly believe it is the most organized and most complete system out there. The tunes become progressively more difficult, introducing new techniques slowly. It also teaches the student to start reading notes right away, as opposed to picking up bad habits by getting used to seeing note names.

Other methods I am very familiar with and use with some students who already owned these before starting lessons with me are “Strictly Strings”, “All for Strings”, and “Essential Elements for Strings.”

I generally combine a method book with technique exercises, such as open strings, scales and arpeggios, articulation exercises, vibrato, etc. depending on the student’s level and need and according to demands from the current piece he/she is studying.


*Although I teach students of all ages, I recommend starting at 8 unless your child is very serious about the violin.

*Practice at least 5 days a week. During your first year, practice 15-30 minutes a day. During your second year, increase to 45-60. Third year, 75-90. These recommendations are for serious students. If your child starts young, increase more gradually.

*For children under 13, I recommend one parent sit in and observe, taking notes. Young children oftentimes lack the discipline to practice on your own, so in order to guarantee success it is highly recommended that one parent practice with their child.

*Please have a cleaning cloth, shoulder rest (if recommended), rosin, and an extra set of strings at every lesson.

*Please don’t purchase an instrument without my approval. If you are not sure whether you or your child will continue, renting is the best option.

*Attend concerts and listen to/watch performances as often as possible, trying to be as detailed as possible on your observations.


For every student that you refer to me (as long as he/she takes 3 lessons or more), you will receive one lesson FREE!